Tuesday, June 15, 2004

There Comes A Time...

I'm fat. I didn't used to be. When growing up, our family - consisting of 5 including my parents, my younger brother John and my younger sister, Alisha - would eat two large pizzas. For years, *they* would eat one and *I* would eat the other. The funny thing is, I was skinny.

When I joined the Army (actually the Minnesota Army National Guard) in 1990, I had a few months to get ready before Basic Training (at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri). I knew I needed help. Even the recruiter told me. I was only 5 pounds *above* the *minimum* weight for enlisting. I was so skinny that I could circle my fingers around *any* part of my arms. Needless to say, when the first "fitness" test happened at Basic Training, the thought of doing the 13 full push-ups (for males) frightened me, since failing this test would mean spending some time, ironically, at the "Fat Farm". I can still picture it. 11... 12... 13!!! I think I was more afraid of the "Fat Farm" than anything else. I guess it goes to show you the biggest thing you learn in Basic has to do with "mind over matter".

Any-hoo... I'm not going to start a diet. I like what I eat. I *am* however, going to start watching how much I eat in order to control my weight. Here's the method I'm using. It's not rocket science. My body burns about 2200 calories per day. I am keeping my caloric intake below that - at least several days per week.

Don't expect to hear much more about this. I'm not weighing myself. Just check the photo gallery occasionally and let me know if I'm getting fatter! %>

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Anonymous said...

glad to hear it. i think i got some of the spare tire gene from dad too.