Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Monday, Monday...

It was a fine Monday; the best I've had in a while. It started great! I woke up *without* the alarm clock at 6:00 sharp! For those that don't know, I normally don't roll out of bed until forced to do so. After a shower, I got dressed and had a nice, easy cup of coffee (from my new baby, Mr. Krups) served in a normal coffee cup (not a "travel" mug) while I checked on the latest changes made to "ragnar", my linux file server running Fedora Core 2 (testing) and decided to mosey into work. The traffic at 7:00 isn't much better or much worse than that at 8:30. I guess the "rush" must come in between - not that I would know. I *hate* traffic because it's so inefficient... So I was thrilled to get to work a minute or two *before* 7:30!!!

I started to tell myself that a new chapter had begun in my life. I've started to take care of my body a little better. Maybe it was rewarding me for it!

I got to bed pretty early and was looking forward to a repeat the next morning. This morning when I woke up *with* the alarm clock - I remembered *why* I got out of bed so early yesterday...

I had to pee!!!

I must be getting old.

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