Friday, September 26, 2008

Father Of The Year

Dunno if I'm the dad or the one laughing and filming...

Not Father of The Year - Watch more free videos

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Flashback 1982: Atari BASIC, My First Programming Language


BASIC Programming was released for the Atari 2600 console in 1979. One of only a few non-gaming cartridges, this program allowed consumers to create some simple programs using its own unique programming language, which was superficially similar to dialects of BASIC, but differed in many important respects. The extremely small RAM memory size of the Atari 2600, 128 bytes, severely restricted the possibilities of this cartridge.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Family Circus

Meghan, our eight-year-old daughter, rushes in our bedroom shortly after sunrise this morning with Carter, her six-year-old brother, in tow.

Meghan: MOM! You need to see Carter's spine!

Mom: WHAT? What's wrong?!?

Meghan: It's too long!!!

Two more days of summer break (down here in South Florida)... Then kids go back to school and OURS begins!!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Work was very busy this week. The project I'm working on is getting ready to show potential "beta" customers. Was very nice to enjoy a cigar and a cocktail (something with juice and rum) at the pool tonight. That feeling of "vacation" still lingers quite a bit when we're relaxing around the pool.

In south Florida in the summer, it's 92 every day, and 72 every night. The humidity varies depending on the storms and the wind, I guess, but it never drops to a point where you don't feel like it's all around you. For example, when you hang something up to "dry", it only becomes LESS HUMID... I think the only things that are DRY around here are the things IN MOTION - IN A DRYER!!!

A friend of ours from Murphy's Law Irish Pub is Paul. His brother is Ken Egan, the Irish Olympian in Light-Heavyweight Boxing! We watched his first match today and he WON 22-2!!! Go Irish!

Friday, June 20, 2008

On The Move

The open road calls to some of us more than others. My recent employment situation ("best. job. ever.") allows me to work from my home office full time. Given the lack of constraint over where we live and a few other factors, we decided to move from the sixteen weeks per year of nice Minnesota weather to fifty-something weeks of warm and sunny Florida weather.

My boss works from his home office in Palm Beach Gardens and we'll be about ten minutes away. Also ten minutes away is the beautiful beach.

I don't see us staying in Florida forever and I have the idea that my kids (entering first through seventh grades this fall) will graduate from my high school. That being said, it seemed like almost everything lined up for the relocation.

Keep in touch!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Suggestion For Google / Gmail

My Idea

I'd like to see a "timeline" view of a Google Calendar. I would use this for my family's timeline.

Other Thoughts

- I would like to be able to merge other user's entries into this calendar.

- Viewing (or printing) the "timeline" view would be useful with a user-define list of events ("filter") that match certain keywords (like "timeline", "major", "birth", "death", "important")

- Privacy would be controlled using the access controls already in place. For example, I would grant "full" or "read-only" access to family members, but this would be a private calendar.