Thursday, January 24, 2008

Suggestion For Google / Gmail

My Idea

I'd like to see a "timeline" view of a Google Calendar. I would use this for my family's timeline.

Other Thoughts

- I would like to be able to merge other user's entries into this calendar.

- Viewing (or printing) the "timeline" view would be useful with a user-define list of events ("filter") that match certain keywords (like "timeline", "major", "birth", "death", "important")

- Privacy would be controlled using the access controls already in place. For example, I would grant "full" or "read-only" access to family members, but this would be a private calendar.



Anonymous said...

Agreed - that would be a handy feature. Wish I knew someone who could do that....

bleedpurpleguy said...

It appears as though this has been done...