Thursday, August 26, 2004

New Pictures

Just posting some new pics on my Photo Gallery. They are:

2004-08: Around Home -- It got quite hot in August. We took a trip (or two) to the nice biergarten at our local pub, Murphy's Law Irish Pub.

2004-08: Meshell @ Marlene's Wedding -- Meshell flew home to be in her Mom, Marlene's wedding in Iowa. She took Lindsey, our oldest, with her. It a tragic mishap, I deleted about half of the pictures from her trip while transferring from the camera to the PC. I felt terrible about this...

2004-08: Out With Elena -- We've gone out a few times for dinner or to the pub with our neighbor's sister, Elena. We always have a blast.

2004-08: Girls In Wedding Dresses -- Despite not being able to make it home for Marlene's wedding, the girls dressed up in the dresses at home. They really look great!

2004-08: Mannheim Bierboerse (Beer Exchange) -- With lots of vendors, breweries and food stands, this is a great local beer event situated on the Neckar River

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